To our British friends


Welcome to the Université du Temps Libre (which could be translated by the University of Time of Leisure, thus keeping the same acronym : U.T.L). It is called University, although no diploma is required to be a member (something which is quite unusual in France...), because it is linked up with universities in Rennes, Brest, Lorient and Vannes and it has a cultural purpose.

 The U.T.L offers a lot of different activities and conferences to people with spare time, whatever their age or their experience. It is a particularly good opportunity for people who want to settle in Brittay  to learn French on the one hand and on the other hand, meet people and become friends with them

 The U.T.L offers French lessons, on two different sites,  Collinée and Merdrignac.

We used to have them in Plémet and Loudéac. We would be quite happy to have them again if the number of people interested were big enough (at least 12 to 13 people)

 Again, this year, we offer you an activity which might please you or come as a complement to the French lessons and that is conversation between English and French people. See here

This year, again, we'll be quite happy to invite you to a special lecture given in English some time in the second term (between January and April). Follow the page "Actualités" and you'll have all the details there, comes the time...

 To know more about it, you can contact  

For Collinée and Merdrignac : Isabelle MARIAU  tel :

e-mail :

Or the coordinator : Liliane ROGER : tel :  e-mail :

and if you use the internet, don’t forget to add the subject: French lessons


The members of the Board of directors and its President wish you a very happy and productive year within the U.T.L.



Membership : 31 € (Insurance and lectures on Monday afternnon)

French course : 170 € (which can be paid with three cheques) for 24 sessions of two hours each, that is around 3,60€ per hour

Conversations : Free if you follow the French course, 15 € otherwise



How to become a member of the UTL

 You pay a 31 € fee and you get a membership card which makes you a member of the U.T.L of Brittany. Then, you may attend freely any lecture or conference given in Loudeac as well as in the U.T.Ls of our region. An insurance is included in the fee in case anything happens to you on your way in and out or during a conference or a lesson

  Where you can get your membership card     


   By filling in the entry form and posting it to :

 U.T.L du Pays de Loudéac, Espace Yann Sohier, 13 allée du Champ de Foire, 22600 LOUDEAC


By giving the form to the person responsible for the French lessons




 UTL Infos" by E Mail


We wish to explain the reasons why we want to send “Infos UTiLes” by e-mail (to those for whom we have an address) and not by normal mail.


1)            Economic reasons:

A conventional letter costs around 1 euro (paper+printing+postage stamp). Therefore if U T L sends fewer letters, there are significant savings to be made, particularly during the current economic situation.


2)            U T L should show its “green” credentials by using less paper:

Despite the fact that some will print out documents at home, there will at least be only one copy printed per household. Otherwise, having perused the programme on screen, a paper copy can always be obtained at our regular Monday conferences.


3)            E Mail is the modern means of communication

It will be a way of showing our “trendy” grand children that we also can use a computer, the internet and indeed that we have reached the 21st century.


Therefore, do not hesitate to check your e mails regularly. Also check the U T L internet site (address page 1). If you have e mail but have not given your address to the administrators, please do so as soon as possible. Thank you for your assistance ...and if you need help, you can enrol in a computer course including the Internet with U T L!!


Early notification of your interest will be appreciated in particular for the walking tours. Contact the office.





 Quai des images


The UTL members will benefit from a reduced price on cinema tickets when presenting their card to the cinema  "Quai des images" in Loudéac, Bd Victor Etienne. Watch out for their proram which includes a great number of English or American films (in English) with French sub-titles.

A reduced price also applies when you go to the swimming pool "Les Aquatides" or to shows organized by the Office Municipal de la Culture.